Study Progress

EPIMAP is currently recruiting patients.

Here are the latest news:

Information Letter # 12 for all Investigators dated 29-March 2018

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National Coordinating Investigators

The ESA Secretariat and Steering Committee have identified already some national coordinators. Please find the study key contacts list HERE.

If you are interested in taking on this role for your country, you are invited to complete the Online Call for Centres Form and submit an email to to request more information on the role of national coordinator.


The observation period started in January 2016. It will last untill the target number of patients ( +/-1024  with post dural puncture headache) is reached.

Call for Centres

ESA has open the call for centres to participate in the EPiMAP project of the ESA Clinical Trial Network (CTN). EPiMAP List of participating Centres and Investigators.
If you have not yet registered, you are invited to complete the Online Call for Centres Form.

If you have already registered your Institution, you will receive at a later stage more information in relation with the project.