Webinar Perioperative Goal directed Haemodynamic Therapy


Prof Thomas Scheeren, the Netherlands


Prof Maurizio Cecconi, Italy

Prof Michael Sander, Germany

Prof Bernd Saugel, Germany

Scientific Support:

Dr Thomas Kaufmann, Netherlands

Target Audience

This webinar is aimed at practicing anaesthesiologists (residents and specialists)

Key Points of this Webinar

This webinar will enable participants to:

  • Understand the rationale for perioperative goal-directed hemodynamic therapy
  • Know the new evidence for goal-directed hemodynamic therapy
  • Implement perioperative goal-directed hemodynamic therapy in clinical practice
  • Know about future directions in the field of perioperative goal-directed hemodynamic therapy

About this Webinar

There is evidence that perioperative GDT, i.e., a protocolised haemodynamic optimization strategy for the titration of fluids, vasopressors, and inotropes to predefined target values of haemodynamic variables, improves postoperative patient-centred outcomes in terms of a reduction of complications and mortality. However, despite this evidence, perioperative GDT is still poorly adapted in routine care. Perioperative GDT can especially improve outcomes in high-risk patients having major surgery and if fluids and vasoactive agents are titrated to individualized targets.