The ESA is seeking to recruit a new Chairperson for the Guidelines Committee. The vacancy will occur as of 1 January 2021.

The Guidelines Committee (GC) fulfils the following functions:

  1. Defines the requirement and course of action for an ESA guideline
  2. Oversees the process of identification and prioritisation of topics, preparation, dissemination, evaluation and update of ESA guidelines
  3. Organises and administers the selection of ESA Guidelines Taskforces
  4. Collects and evaluates currently available documents throughout Europe
  5. Establishes and maintains relationships with other academic societies and scientific groups as necessary in the preparation of collaborative guidelines
  6. Defines how to implement guidelines and inform ESA members
  7. Carries out other functions related to the promotion and harmonisation of clinical practice as decided by the ESA Board.


The Guidelines Committee Chairperson will meet the following criteria:

  • Being a qualified anesthesiologist
  • Must have been ESA active member for at least two years
  • Fluency in English
  • Previous leadership experience in guideline activity
  • Scientific understanding of research evidence and its use in clinical practice
  • Previous leadership in national or European anaesthesiology organisations
  • Awareness of European medical-political context
  • Being a qualified methodologist

Term of office

The tenure of the chairmanship is for three years, plus 1.5 years as past chair.


Travel expenses to attend Euroanaesthesia are provided according to standard ESA reimbursement policy.


If you wish to apply, please send your CV, application letter (detailing the adherence to the requirements set forth above), Guidelines Committee Chair Application Form and 3 Years Conflict of Interest Form to the ESA Headquarters at no later than 15 September 2020.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of this position, please contact Dr Arash Afshari

Please note that an interview will take place (autumn 2020) shall you be selected.