The Examinations Subcommittee Part I is responsible for the practical organisation of the EDAIC Part 1 and MCQ data bank.

The Chairperson is the Director of the EDAIC Part 1 MCQ Bank and reports to the Examinations Committee. The Chairperson is in charge of compiling 60 MCQ for Paper A (Basic Sciences) on an annual basis, while one member of the Subcommittee is in charge of compiling 60 MCQ for Paper B (Anaesthesia and Intensive Care) on an annual basis (that person should also be part of the Examinations Committee).

The Subcommittee members include the Chairperson of the Examinations Committee, members with special responsibility for translations (1 member per language into which MCQs are translated), representatives from those countries using the examination as their national examination, the individual in charge of the MCQ Bank Anaesthesia and Intensive Care, and the Examinations Coordinators. Examinations Coordinators have no voting rights; they have an advisory and administrative role.

The Chair and members of the Examinations Subcommittee Part I can serve for a period of three years with the possibility of successive one-year appointments up to a maximum of eight years.



Wolfram Engelhardt


Andrey Varvinskiy Examinations Committee Chairperson
Evelyne Bucher Representative for Switzerland
Ana Domínguez Spanish Translator
Bas in’t Veld Representative for the Netherlands
Ozlem Korkmaz Dilmen Representative for Turkey / Turkish Translator
Maryna Korzan Russian Translator
Torsten Loop German Translator
Jan Lutz Representative for Austria
Krisztina Madách Part I Subcommittee Member in charge of the Part I MCQ Bank Anaesthesia and Intensive Care (Paper B) / Hungarian translator
Carlo Missant Representative for Flanders
Mihai Popescu Representative for Romania/ Romanian Translator
Peter Poredoš Representative for Slovenia
Anne-Françoise Rousseau French Translator
Paula Sá Couto Representative for Portugal / Portuguese Translator
Gabriele Sales Italian Translator
Stephen Sciberras Representative for Malta
Magdalena Wujtewicz Representative for Poland / Polish Translator
Lise Carratala* ESA Examinations Coordinator
Rodolphe Di Loreto* ESA Examinations Coordinator
Odile Jacquet* ESA Examinations Coordinator
Hugues Scipioni* Education & Examinations Manager

*No voting rights