The EJA Editorial Board deals with the day-to-day running of the journal. Incoming manuscripts are allocated to individual Editors who deal with all aspects of consideration of the submission using the reports of independent reviews from external referees. Manuscripts are then transmitted to the Editor-in-Chief who takes the final decision and oversees the smooth running of the journal in conjunction with the publishers. The Editorial Board appoints the Editors. Certain Editors look after particular areas, e.g. book reviews or supplements.

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Martin Tramèr
Geneva, Switzerland

Deputy Editors-in-Chief

Walid Habre Geneva, Switzerland
Bernhard Walder Geneva, Switzerland


Nicolas Bruder Marseille, France
Tom Hansen Odense Denmark
Annelies Moerman Ghent, Belgium
Bernd Böttiger Cologne, Germany
Michelle Chew Halmstad, Sweden
Pierre Diemunsch Strasbourg, France
Thomas Fuchs-Buder Nancy, France
Peter Kranke Würzburg, Germany
Patricia Lavand’homme Brussels, Belgium
Philipp Lirk Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Rolf Rossaint Aachen, Germany
Charles Marc Samama Paris, France
Francis Veyckemans Lille, France

Language and Technical Editors

Alan Aitkenhead Nottingham, UK
Gordon Lyons Leeds, UK
Neil Morton Glasgow, UK
Ian F. Russel Hull, UK

Methods, Statistics, Epidemiology

Malachy Columb Manchester, UK
Nadia Elia  Geneva, Switzerland


Book Reviews

Mike H. Nathanson Nottingham, UK

Journal Manager

Bridget Benn Geneva, Switzerland