World Anaesthesia Day 2018

28 Sep 2018

Join the WFSA’s “The Right Stuff” campaign to highlight the importance of the  appropriate equipment in providing life-saving anaesthesia care.

For World Anaesthesia Day 2018 the ESA is working with WFSA and other Member Societies to share “The Right Stuff” campaign 
with anaesthesia providers globally. Also starting this year the WFSA is part of the World Restart a Heart Day campaign to raise awareness 
of the importance of CPR.  

What is “The Right Stuff” campaign?  

This year, alongside the World Health Organisation, the WFSA published the WHO-WFSA International Standards for a Safe Practice of Anesthesia 
for the first time. As well as workforce, the International Standards also highlight how important adequate facilities and equipment are to providing safe anaesthesia care. 

Using WHO language, the International Standards describe equipment such as the pulse oximeter and continuous waveform capnography as “highly recommended” (the equivalent of mandatory) and “recommended” respectively, and will ideally elevate continuous waveform capnography to “highly recommended” when appropriately robust and suitably priced devices are available. 

This World Anaesthesia Day we would like your help in drawing attention to the vital role that equipment plays in providing safe anaesthesia by highlighting your favourite anaesthesia equipment.   

On the Day 

There are many ways that you can join in #TheRightStuff campaign to raise awareness of the need for appropriate anaesthesia equipment. To take part, simply print out the poster, available here, and fill it in with the name of your favourite anaesthesia equipment and the name of the country where you work. 

Take a photo of your or your team with the poster and ideally the piece of equipment and share it with @WFSAorg on social media with the hashtag #TheRightStuff. 

You can also use the following hashtags: #WorldAnaesthesiaDay #WAD2018  Tweet & share your support to @WFSAorg. Challenge other anaesthesia providers in your country or region to take part in The Right Stuff campaign by sharing our The Right Stuff  

Toolkit here. Your printable poster here.