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The PAIN-OUT group (Improvement in Postoperative PAIN OUTcome)


PAIN-OUT is a non-for profit European research and quality improvement project. The major target group are European anaesthesiologists. Aims of PAIN-OUT’s application are

- to share and discuss issues of quality improvement in pain management (scientific findings, quality improvement strategies, differences between countries, public health issues, and political barriers) with European’s community of anaesthesiologists

- to use PAIN-OUT’s infrastructure and network for prospective research together with ESA and its members (as it has been done with euCPSP), specifically in the field of Health-Service and Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER)

- to develop new modules of PAIN-OUT together with interested participants, e.g. in the field of emergency medicine or outpatient surgery

Goals of the PAIN-OUT ESA Research Group

The goals of the ESA research group will be to expand and develop PAIN OUT within the context of ESA. This will include activities such as:

  1. Attract collaborators who will use the PAIN OUT intra-structure to initiate new studies, with emphasis on Health-Service and Comparative Effectiveness Research.
  2. Use the findings to develop training programs for ESA members about quality of pain management.
  3. Develop new modules in the registry (e.g., for outpatients, ED patients) together with partners in the ESA Research Group. The topic will depend on the interests of participants.  Find interested ESA members who will collect data for this topic and use the data for analysis.
  4. Use euCPSP findings to develop a larger follow up study.
  5. Seek out ESA collaborators in Eastern Europe thereby, aiming to expand and promote quality pain treatment and research within Europe.
  6. Recruit additional clinical centres collecting patient data; a large and representative database of patients throughout Europe should facilitate creating knowledge that can not be obtained with smaller and less representative patient numbers. 


Prof. Winfried Meißner, Dr. med. from Jena University Hospital, Jena, Germany


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