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The European Society of Anaesthesiology has endorsed  PROtective VEntilation Network (PROVENet) initiated  by a group of preclinical and clinical investigators to perform multicenter clinical studies, randomized controlled trials, and meta-analyses. PROVENet was established following several smaller single–center and multicenter investigations into potential protective effects of certain mechanical ventilation settings and/or – strategies in critically ill patients and surgical patients.

The role of the European Society of Anaesthesiology is to support and facilitate meetings and communication between Research Groups.

Mission of PROVENet

The mission of the PROVE Network are to test novel mechanical ventilation strategies and – devices, as well as non–ventilatory supplemental strategies and –devices to improve the care and safety of patients who need mechanical ventilation, including those in emergency units, intensive care units and operating rooms.

Website of PROVENet

Contact Person of PROVENet : ChairPaolo Pelosi (Genoa, Italy) :

Marcus J. Schultz (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
Sabrine N.T. Hemmes (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
Marcelo Gama de Abreu (Dresden, Germany) 
Ary Serpa Neto (São Paulo, Brazil)

Project of PROVENet endorsed by ESA: PROBESE

  • Title: PRotective ventilation of OBESE patients
  • Aim: To determine whether a strategy with higher PEEP (12 cmH2O) plus recruitment maneuvers improves clinical outcome in obese patients (BMI >=35) receiving mechanical ventilation during general anesthesia for surgery
  • Design: International multicenter double-blind randomized controlled two-arm trial
  • Population: Obese patients (BMI >=35) undergoing surgery under general anesthesia with duration of longer >2 hours
  • Status: Study is ready to start: Call of centers
  • Trial site:
  • Description of sutdy details
  • Email: