ESA Masterclasses

Attend an ESA Masterclass to improve your scientific skills!

The ESA Masterclasses are sessions of tuition by experts for anesthesiologists wishing to improve their scientific skills or refresh knowledge on specific topics such as conducting research, scientific writing, statistics or design and analysis of clinical studies.

The ESA Masterclasses are proposed in small groups (usually 20-30 persons). Lectures by well recognised experts in the field alternate with group discussions and workshops in small groups (4-5 people in each group)

Courses are open to all ESA members who speak and write English fluently, and are making recognised efforts to develop their scientific skills. Some delegates may have research idea which is already well developed whilst others may have a proposal in the very early stages. Either will allow the opportunity to get practical trainings!

Attendees of the Research Masterclass in Statistics and Research Methodology (March2016)

Keep an eye on this page for the announcements of future ESA Masterclasses and registration deadlines!