ESA Research Grants

Results of the 2016 ESA Research Grant Applications

11 Dec 2015
The Research Committee has announced the results of the 2016 ESA Research Grants Applications after the evaluation of the 93 applications received for the various categories.

The following applications were successful:

Projects Grants winners (60,000€)

• Prof. Donal Buggy from University College Dublin, Ireland. Area of Research: Experimental. Title: “Does perioperative IV lidocaine infusion during tumour resection surgery reduce metastatic disease in the 4T1 mouse model of breast cancer?”.

• Dr. Charissa van den Brom from VU University Medical Center, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Area of Research: Experimental. Title: “Therapeutic targeting of vascular leakage to prevent microcirculatory perfusion disturbances and renal dysfunction during hemorrhagic shock”.

Research Support Grants winners (15,000€)

• Dr. Elena Bignami from Ospedale San Raffaele, Milan, Italy. Area of Research: Clinical. Title: “VENTilation during CardioPulmonary Bypass (CPBVENT 2014) for cardiac surgery: a multicenter randomized controlled trial”.

• Dr. Graciela Martinez-Palli from Consorci Institut d’Investigacions Biomèdiques August Pi i Sunyer (IDIBAPS), Barcelona, Spain. Area of Research: Clinical. Title: "Effectiveness of personalized physical training intervention (prehabilitation) on postoperative complications: a randomized controlled trial in high-risk patients who underwent abdominal cancer surgery".

Young Investigator Start-Up Grants (22,500€)

• Dr. David Baron from Medical University of Vienna, Austria. Area of Research: Clinical. Title:  “Identification of Biochemical Alterations of Stored Erythrocyte Membranes Influencing Clinical Coagulation Properties”.

• Dr. Silvia Dobler from Kepler University Hospital Linz, Austria. Area of Research: Experimental. Title: "Impact  of  HIF-1  blockade  on  the  onset  of  bronchiolitis obliterans and the polarization potential of macrophages in orthotopic lung transplantation".            

Coordination Grant (5.000€)

• Dr. Mark Coburn from University Hospital RWTH Aachen, Germany. Area of Research: clinical. Title:  “Improving perioperative care for hip fracture patients (iPOC-HIP)”.

The ESA Research Grants will be formally awarded to the winners during the Awards Ceremony at the Euroanaesthesia 2016 Congress in London, UK.

More information about the ESA Research Grants here.