Patient Safety

Safety Report

One of the principal requirements of the Helsinki Declaration on patient safety in anaesthesiology is for all departments of anaesthesiology in Europe to produce an annual report of measures taken and results obtained in improving patient safety locally. Therefore, the EBA/ESA Task force on patient safety in anaesthesiology in Europe has developed a template for such a report.

Why a report?

The first purpose of a department producing such a report is for the department’s own internal use to gather together what it has achieved in the last year to improve patient safety locally, as a form of internal audit and then reflect on how it might develop this further in the future. Once a department has done this it may wish to consider sharing the report within its own hospital to raise its departmental profile and the whole issue of patient safety or even sharing it with the EBA/ESA Task Force on patient safety.

The EBA and ESA Task Force wishes to receive as many completed safety reports as possible and learn more about the safety developments in Europe. The plan is to collect the completed reports and produce an anonymous overall summary to demonstrate the achievements and monitor progress of the implementation of the Helsinki Declaration.

How to do?

  1. Download the template report here
  2. Complete it for your department and discuss it locally
  3. If you agree please send it back to the chairperson of the EBA/ESA patient safety task force

If you wish, the name of your department can be listed together with the names of all those other departments that had sent in a report to contribute to the annual analysis. Of course, NO details of any individual report will be displayed. We will ONLY display anonymous overall summaries of these reports