Patient Safety

European Standardisation of the in-hospital ‘Cardiac Arrest Call’ Number – 2222

The European Board of Anaesthesiology (EBA) and European Resuscitation Council (ERC) and the European Society of Anaesthesiology (ESA) together recommend that for Patient Safety all European Hospitals standardise the internal telephone number used for a Cardiac Arrest call to the number 2222.

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Action checklist

  1. Most hospitals can easily make this change locally
  1. Meet and discuss with colleagues, nurses and resuscitation trainers, nurses are most important as they are the staff who make the most of these calls.
  2. Use the 2222 presentation downloadable from here at meetings.
  3. Discuss with patients groups / representatives if available
  4. Discuss with / send letter to Hospital medical director / management (see template letter)
  5. Discuss with switchboard colleagues the technical issues.
  6. If possible continue to run the old number and 2222 in parallel for a period. If you can monitor the both numbers use, continue to use two numbers until old number is no longer used. If a new switchboard is being planned in the future it could be part of that programme.
  7. Choose a suitable date to change and tell everyone.
  8. Raise awareness, train staff, organise publicity, notices and posters.
  9. Put stickers on every phone
  10. Make the change on the appropriate date
  11. Remind staff about change 
  12. Thank staff and management for taking part in the process
  13. Please report your successful change to ESA HQ by emailing psqc@esahq.organd share any learning suggestions about how to improve the implementation process that can be passed onto other hospital wishing to also make the change.