Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to create a 'website profile' on the ESA website?

Most content of the ESA website is freely accessible.
However, you do have to create a 'website profile' first in order to access certain web content, or in order to access our on-line services, such as on-line registration to any congress or exam, or to apply for ESA membership.

You only have to create a website profile once.

Important message for 2013 and 2013-2014 ESA Members
ESA launched this new website in October 2013, and with it, the ability for all website users to create their own website profile and manage their own login data. Even if you are an existing ESA Member, you also need to create a new website profile: the login details that were issued in the past by the ESA and that you used to access the old ESA website do not work to access this NEW website.
After you have created a profile, any benefits related to your ESA Membership will only become effective after the ESA staff has linked your website profile to your existing ESA Membership. This will minimally take one day. Please keep this in mind.

How do I create a 'website profile'?

Anyone can create a 'website profile' by clicking 'Create profile' on the top menu of this site.
When creating a 'website profile', you will be asked to provide some personal data such as: first name, last name, date of birth, unique email address, country, and you will have to choose a password yourself.
The email address that you provide will be your login name.

When registering you are given two options:

  1. You can fill in the required fields yourself.
  2. You can click on a social network button to use your existing social network account details.

How do I view/change my 'website profile' details?

You have direct control over the information in your profile, and can access and change this information on-line at any given moment by clicking the 'My profile' link that appears at the top of each page after login. Optionally, postal address data can be added.
This data is managed solely by yourself, and cannot be changed by the ESA.

Access to your ESA Membership profile

ESA Members, moreover, can as well access and update the information and preferences they submitted during their ESA Membership application. Click 'My profile' in the top menu (only visible after login): current ESA Members will see an extra menu item "My ESA Membership profile" in the left menu, allowing them to:

  • View their current ESA membership status (membership type, start & end date)
  • Change their EJA mailing preference
  • View/update the address data that the ESA has on file for you as an ESA member

I forgot my password. How can I retrieve it?

You can use the ‘Forgot password' feature available on the login page. Just type in the e-mail address that you normally use to log in, and you will receive an email that helps you choose a new password.
Note: see social login features below to know when this procedure may not be available.

How do I register using the social login features?

Instead of or IN ADDITION TO creating a 'website profile' as described above, you can use one of the social buttons available on the 'Create profile' page to create a profile on our website with an existing social network account (Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter). Advantage: you don't have to create and remember new login data for the ESA website.

Your social network will try to provide the necessary data (first name, last name, date of birth, unique email address, and country) to our website. You must complete any required data if they are missing.

Example: if you log in using a LinkedIn account, security settings from that account may prevent your email address from being passed on, or even any of the data mentioned above. In that case, you must provide the missing information.

If you use a social login, some features (such as changing your password and/or email address, retrieve a forgotten password) are not available: your social network service manages these data, not the ESA website. Please refer to the social network's website to recover your password or login, if needed.

Can I add a social account login to my existing 'website profile'?
Can I use more than one social account to log in?

If you have already created a 'website profile' by filling in the required fields on the 'Create Profile' form yourself, you can still add one or more social accounts. Even if you only created an account using a social network button, you can still add the two other social logins to your existing login.

Whatever you do, if you have already created a profile, you must log in with that profile first before adding a social login.
After login, click the ‘My profile’ button in the top menu, then click ‘Add social accounts’ in the left menu.
You can add all available social accounts (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter) to your existing account this way, even if you have different email addresses linked to those account.

What happens if I do not log in with an existing profile, before using a social login button?

In that case, it is possible that you create an additional profile for yourself, with no relation whatsoever between the two profiles. All ESA online applications require you to log in first with a 'website profile', and any online process you complete (congress or exam registration, ESA membership application, ... ) or  any reduced fees you may be entitled to, will be linked to that 'website profile'. By creating more than one account for yourself, intentionally or not, the ESA cannot provide the correct service to you.
Therefore the ESA reserves the right to merge any duplicate 'website profiles'. In such cases, the user in question will be notified!

Am I allowed to create more than one 'website profile' for myself?

While this is technically possible, the ESA does not allow this. See previous item.

Last updated: 11 February 2013