Trainee Exchange Programme

About the Programme

Europe is justly proud of its medical training. We have many world famous Medical Schools, and centres of expertise in anaesthesiology, intensive care, and pain medicine. The ESA knows that these centres could provide a wide range of excellent training and would like to make this available to suitable European trainees. Such trainees might be drawn from those who hope obtain in-depth training in certain fields, or promising young doctors from departments that do not yet have sufficient facilities for training in their own centres. We are keen to encourage such trainees to visit recognised centres in other countries, to spend sufficient time there to gain experience, and return to their own centres in Europe with knowledge and skills to pass on to others.

The ESA Trainee Exchange Programme Committee aims to select the best European trainees and allow them to visit, for a period of 3 months training, the best training centres that Europe can offer. Criteria has been established to allow the ESA to identity the best and most promising trainees from Europe, and the centres which can offer the best of teaching and experience in Europe: with grants sufficient to cover the cost of accommodation, living expenses, travel and learning in these centres, the ESA seeks to mix together the two ingredients, for the primary benefit of the trainees in Europe.

The ESA Trainee Exchange Programme is administered by the Trainee Exchange Programme Committee.

New from 2018

All winners of the ESA Trainee Exchange Programme will be fully covered for the time of their exchange by AIG Travel Insurance: