Teach the Teacher Course

1st week report

The ESA Teach the Teacher Course
Athens November 10th to 14th.

The first week of the ESA Teach the Teacher course was held in Athens from the 10th to the 14th of November 2014. 22 young specialists in Anaesthesiology from across Europe came together with 5 of the original Faculty and 4 new members. The course consisted of 4 and a half days of hard work for all involved. The Course uses some of the most up to date teaching methods to maximise the use of the time that we are together, including ‘flip classroom’ with videos of didactic material sent to students ahead of time so that they can practice teaching skills when we are together.

Teaching residents to be competent Anaesthesiologists involves learning many skills including, Interactive teaching, skills teaching, teaching Human factors, using visual aids, learning how to give feedback, and much more. Our candidates spend much of the time in workshops and presenting their own sessions. The faculty teach by example and analysis of faculty performance is used to guide development of new teachers. The days are busy and filled with activity, and the week goes past very quickly.

The second part of the course which covers more advanced aspects of teaching and learning, and also involves a high level of student participation, is held in 6 months from now. In the interim students have tasks to perform, and written reports to complete. Some content of week two is flexible to allow a focus on those areas which students have found difficult in their homework!

The 2 weeks aim to produce teachers who can not only teach in an effective and up to date way, but also have the skills to hand on these skills to colleagues, in the form of local courses, and also support of local faculty to develop new skills.