Webinar on Protective Mechanical Ventilation PMV (18 June 2019, Brussels)

Scientific Faculty


Prof. Dr. Javier Belda

Professor of Anaesthesia, Department of Surgery

University of Valencia, Spain


Prof. Dr. Fernando Suarez Sipmann

Department of Surgical Sciences

Uppsala University, Sweden

Prof. Dr. Carlos Ferrando Ortolá

Head of Surgical Intensive Care Unit

Barcelona Clinic Hospital, Spain

Scientific Support

Prof. Dr. Lucia Mirabella

Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences

University of Foggia, Italy


This live Webinar will focus on the issue of Protective Mechanical Ventilation (PMV) in perioperative care. 

  • During the perioperative period, mainly in the operating room.
  • In ICU 

The use of PMV is necessary to prevent Ventilator Associated Lung Injury (VALI) to prevent several adverse outcomes that are clearly associated to mechanical ventilation. This applies to normal lungs and already injured lungs.

After Taking Part

This webinar will enable anaesthesiologists to:

  • Recognize the importance of perioperative prevention of lung injury due to mechanical ventilation.
  • Know the most important postoperative complications associated with a non-protective mechanical ventilation.
  • Know the risk factors for the development of VALI
  • Know the importance of active application of protective strategies in the OR and ICU.
  • Know the methods for applying PMV: Recruitment Maneuvers and PEEP titration.
  • Know how to recognize special situations for applying PMV: The Air-Test
  • Know the adverse effect of different protective maneuvers
  • Develop strategies to facilitate application of protective ventilation.

Session information

This webinar is targeted at Anaesthesiologists who are working in the operating room with patients and/or caring of patients in ICU.

During this webinar, you will be encouraged to send your questions by chat and interact with our key specialists, who will provide live feedback.

The format includes presentations, live discussions with key specialists who will give you some useful tips for the application of lung-protective strategies of ventilation and the prevention of ventilator associated lung injury (VALI).


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