Futility and End of Life Care l Date: 20/11/2018, Time: 18:00pm to 19:00pm


This live Webinar will examine end of life care and the concept of “futility”. It will explore the locations where discussions around benefit, risk and burden may take place and look at the scenarios where advance planning, DNACPR orders and escalation plans may be useful. It will look at how (or indeed whether) we can define an intervention as being futile and who can make or be involved in that decision.  It will look at how the decision making process may be affected by the condition and capacity of the patient, where conflict may arise and how that may be resolved. The focus will be on broad ethical principles and in reference to the European Convention on Human Rights, rather than dealing with individual jurisdictions.

After Taking Part

The Webinar will enable participants to…

  • Think in terms of realistic medicine when it comes to offering and continuing interventions
  • Recognise scenarios where discussions around advance planning, DNACPR orders and escalation plans may be useful
  • Understand how the ECHR affects medicine
  • Understand the difficulties in the use of the term futile, in reference to treatments and interventions, particularly at the end of life
  • Understand how patient capacity can affect care and interventions at the end of life
  • Engage in patient centred planning in patients lacking capacity
  • Recognise areas of potential conflict and work to resolve them

Scientific Faculty 

  • Scientific Faculty Team Leader

Dr. Paul McConnell, UK

  • Host:                       

Dr. Paul McConnell, UK

  • Speakers:                   

Dr. Kenneth McKinlay, UK

Dr. Rhona Siegmeth, UK

  • Scientific Support:      

Dr. David Finn, UK

Session information

This webinar is targeted primarily at Anaesthesiologists and Intensivists who are involved in the treatment and intervention in patients near either the end of their lives or at high risk of death. It would also prove useful to any medical or healthcare practioners who find themselves caring for these patient groups too.

Technical Setting

This webinar is available on PC, Tablet and Smartphone. For best viewing a high speed internet connection is required.


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