European Diploma in Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care

Registration for Part I Examination

All candidates wishing to apply for the EDAIC Part I examination must read the following before registering in order to ensure a smooth registration and avoid inconveniences.

1. Different payment options are available including payment by debit or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Bancontact). Admission documents and visa letters are e-mailed to candidates only if payment has been received and registration successful. If you choose to pay by debit or credit card, please make sure that you have full valid card details at hand before clicking the registration link as registrations with rejected payment will not be processed. Whichever payment method is used, candidates will receive a confirmation of payment by e-mail if their payment has been successful.   

2. Make sure that you agree with the examination regulations before applying.

3. Some centres will be offering the EDAIC Part I online (computer exam). The questions will be exactly the same in both the paper version and the computer version of the examination. Centres offering the EDAIC Part I online in 2019 are Ankara, Beirut ,Cork , Freiburg, Ghent, Hamburg, Jakarta, Kaunas, Kosice, Msida (Malta), Nijmegen, Odessa, Oslo, Turin and Yerevan. Please note that these centres can only offer the examination in the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Russian and Turkish.

4. In some of the countries where EDAIC Part I is mandatory or has special recognition, the registration may have to be made through the relevant national authority and not through ESA directly. These countries are: 

  • Argentina: please apply through the AAARBA 
  • Egypt: please apply through the HCMS only if you have Egyptian nationality; please apply through the ESA website only if you do not have Egyptian nationality. Applications that are not sent to the relevant association will be rejected.
  • Romania: please apply through the SRATI
  • Switzerland: please apply in German through the SGAR / in French through SSAR

it is not possible to register for Argentina, Romania and Switzerland from the ESA website, so please contact the relevant national authority before 8 May 2019 to register for those countries.

5. Please make sure that you have prepared the relevant document(s) for upload in one of the following file formats before clicking the registration link: pdf, doc(x), odt, bmp, jpg, jpeg or png. Please also ensure that each file is not heavier than 5 MB (=5000 KB). The document you need to upload when registering is the copy of your medical diploma written in its original language. In case your medical diploma is not written in one of the languages used in the EDAIC Part I or EDAIC Part II examinations, you also need to upload a certified English translation of your diploma. If the name written on your diploma is different from the name you submit when registering, you also need to upload an official proof of your name change. It is technically impossible to finalise your online application without uploading the copy of your medical diploma. Applications without the required upload(s) will automatically be cancelled by ESA.

6. Online registration deadline: 11 June 2019 at 23:59 CET. As the online registration webpage closes automatically on the registration deadline, please make sure to apply as early as possible. No registration will be possible after that date.

7. Capacity restrictions: please note that centres have a limited capacity, and we therefore advise you to register early to avoid inconveniences incurred by fully booked centres. Centres which are fully booked cannot be overbooked.

8. Please add the e-mail addresses and to your list of accepted contacts, as all information about your examination (including your results) will be sent to you by e-mail.

9. Cancellation & Refund: registration for EDAIC Part I can be cancelled with registration fee refunded, net of a €50 administration fee, if the cancellation request is submitted by e-mail to before the registration deadline. Refund requests submitted after the registration deadline can only be granted under exceptional circumstances; the official documents justifying the refund request must be sent to no later than one month after the examination. The refund of the registration fee after the deadline is at the discretion of the ESA. A full refund will be granted upon decease of the registered candidate before the examination. All indirect costs incurred by the registration for EDAIC Part I such as transportation and accommodation are not covered by the ESA. If you want to take EDAIC Part II in the future, please make sure you will be eligible for Part II before applying for Part I. If you cannot attend your examination for any reason, we would appreciate if you could inform the ESA office as early as possible so that we can take all appropriate actions for the smooth running of the examination. The Examination can be cancelled by the ESA in case of Force Majeure if the ESA deems the cancellation necessary. In the unlikely case of cancellation by the ESA, the ESA will propose refunds.

10. Visas: each candidate taking the examination abroad is responsible for having a valid passport. This is why applications for a visa should be handled at the same time as the registration for the examination. Refund requests for refused visas will not be accepted by ESA.

11. Change of centre: if you must change your centre before the registration deadline, your registration will have to be cancelled and the €50 administration fee will apply (see cancellation policy above); you will then have to register online again before the registration deadline and the ESA cannot guarantee the availability of seats in other centres. No change of centre is allowed after the registration deadline.

12. Examination language: candidates who do not select English will receive the questions both in their selected language and in English language as well. Please note that centres organising the EDAIC Part I on computers can only offer the examination in the following languages: English, French, German, Italian , Russian and Turkish. See point 3 above.

13. Dyslexic candidates: 15 additional minutes for each paper may be awarded to Part I candidates suffering from dyslexia. Dyslexic candidates must send a letter with a diagnosis, written and signed by a psychologist, to maximum 1 month after the registration deadline.

14. Complaint regulations: A complaint will only be deemed valid for consideration when based on procedural irregularities in the conduct of the examination. Requests based on near-fail results will not be considered as the results are final and cannot be altered. The Complaint Application Form must be completed and returned to ESA, together with the appropriate fee (the paid registration fee) at the latest 30 days from the time their detailed results are e-mailed to the candidates. If the Examinations Committee confirms that a breach of protocol has occurred and has seriously impacted on the conduct of the examination, the ESA may, at its discretion, reimburse the complaint fee and may consider offering a free registration for the EDAIC Part I in the following year.