European Diploma in Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care

Hosting the OLA

NEXT OLA : 17 April 2020. Applications for OLA Centres 2020 are now open. 

Deadline : 29 November 2019

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OLA Centre Application Form

Why organise the OLA in your Hospital?

The On-Line Assessment was designed to help anaesthetists identify areas where their knowledge needs improving and up-dating. Directors of Training, consultants and trainees at different stages of training currently use the OLA for various purposes: examination preparation, regular self-assessment, formal examination and help for revalidation. The objective to achieve will vary according to the user.

The On-Line Assessment and EDAIC Part I Examination use the same marking system and are similar in content and structure. Candidates preparing for the EDAIC Part I, or a comparable examination, can therefore use the OLA to identify areas that require further study. The ESA does not set a pass mark for the OLA, but does provide the Part I pass marks of previous years to candidates for reference.

Individuals may use the OLA to regularly evaluate their progress, either using their own performance at previous On-Line Assessments as a benchmark or by comparing their current scores with the average scores of their peers in the different subjects. Directors of Training wishing to evaluate the training needs and performance of a group of individuals can use the assessment as a supporting tool.

The OLA is used in the Netherlands as a formal examination, and can be used as such by countries willing to set their own pass marks each year.

Finally, the On-Line Assessment may become an important tool for senior colleagues interested in using their Individual OLA Result Reports as part of their evidence for revalidation.

Centre Application, Venue Requirements and Host Duties

Hospitals can apply as OLA centres any given year, without applying for accreditation, provided that they can offer a suitable environment in which to host the assessment. Hospitals wanting to host the On-Line Assessment need to fill the latest version of the Centre Application Form each year. (Top of the page)

Tasks to be performed by OLA Hosts and centre requirements are listed in the OLA Host Guidelines. 

Candidate Registrations

OLA centres normally open both to local residents through group registration and to external candidates through individual on-line registration.

Group registrations take place in autumn before individual registrations. During group registrations, Hosts can register their residents for the OLA via an Excel group registration form sent by email to the ESA Secretariat. Only remaining examination stations will be made available to external candidates through the individual on-line registration system. Individual registrations close in February.

If a Host registers residents through group registration, he or she will receive an invoice for the group as well as a group report with the results of the non-specialist candidates he or she registered. The residents will also receive individual performance reports with their results.

Hosts who do not wish to register candidates and prefer to make all the places in their centre available during individual on-line registrations can do so, but will receive no invoice or group results. During individual registrations, candidates pay directly online.

Important: Candidates who were registered during group registrations by their Host Centre should not register again individually via our on-line system.

The OLA registration fee per candidate does not depend on the registration type.