Elections for the 2 Trainee representatives to the Council

Elections for the 2 Trainee representatives to the Council (CTR) are now open! All European ESA Trainees are eligible, independently of their working country and shall be elected by all European Trainee Members.

The 2 elected CTR will be present in the Council meetings of ESA (one day before the beginning of Euroanaesthesia and one day before the beginning of Focus meeting). Here, the CTRs have voting rights and represent all European Trainees (through the ESA Trainees Committee). They will be asked their position (especially regarding trainee topics) and will discuss/network/collaborate with the other National Council Representatives. Presentations regarding trainees' concerns are sometimes asked.

The CTRs are official members of the Trainees Committee. In this structure they will have the role of coordinators of the Task Force "European and International Trainee Sections". They will be responsible for communicating with National Trainee Representatives during the year, ask for the progress of National Trainee Sections as well as troubleshooting and offer help when needed. Furthermore every 2 months an update of the Trainee Committees actions and achievements has to be sent to all representatives and for this (and regular communication) a mailing list as well as a WhatsApp group were already established.

Additional responsibilities like integration as Trainee Representatives in other ESA Committees are also possible.

Deadline: 30th September. 

For more information:

If you have any question contact the ESA Trainees Committee through

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