Results Council elections

16 Jan 2017

The election for the ESA Council has taken place, and these colleagues were elected for the next term starting 1st April 2017:

  • Albania: Prof. Rudin Domi
  • Austria: Prof. Anette-Marie Schultz
  • Belgium: Dr. Vincent Bonhomme
  • Bulgaria: Dr. Valentin Vlasakov
  • Croatia: Dr. Natasa Kovac
  • Czech Republic: Dr. Petr Stourac
  • Denmark: Dr. Susanne Wammen (re-election)
  • Finland: Prof. Sinikka Münte (re-election)
  • France: Prof. Pierre Albaladejo
  • Germany: Prof. Kai Zacharowski (re-election)
  • Greece: Dr. Charalampos Pantazopoulos
  • Hungary: Dr. Ilona Bobek
  • Ireland: Dr. Kevin Bailey
  • Israel: Dr. Orit Nahtomi Shick
  • Italy: Prof. Luca Brazzi
  • Kosovo: Dr. Agreta Gashi (re-election)
  • Latvia: Prof. Indulis Vanags (re-election)
  • Lithuania: Dr. Tomas Jovaisa
  • Malta: Dr. Mario Zerafa (re-election)
  • Netherlands: Prof. Benedikt Preckel
  • Norway: Dr. Else-Marie Ringvold
  • Poland: Prof. Janusz Andres
  • Portugal: Dr. Francisco Maio Matos
  • Romania: Prof. Dorel Sandesc (re-election)
  • Serbia: Prof. Radmilo Jankovic (re-election)
  • Slovakia: Dr. Stefan Trenkler
  • Slovenia: Dr. Janez Kompan (re-election)
  • Spain: Dr. Maria Cristina Honorato
  • Sweden: Dr. Jonas Akeson
  • Switzerland: Prof. Christian Kern (re-election)
  • Turkey: Prof. Zekeriyya Alanoglu (re-election)
  • Ukraine: Prof. Yuriy Kobelyatskyy
  • UK: Dr. Michael Nathanson (re-election)



  • Dr. Anne Blank (Germany)
  • Dr. Gustavo Norte (Portugal)


The term of the new elected Council members runs until 31 March 2020 and for the re-elected Council members until 31 March 2019.

The trainees had the biggest number of candidates (8), and can serve as an inspiration for all the rest of the ESA members to be active and shape the ESA for the future.

 We are looking forward to working with all the elected Council members and wish them every success in their function.

 We also would like to thank all candidates for their interest and we hope that those that were not elected this time will consider presenting themselves as candidates for other ESA functions or in a future election.


Jannicke-Mellin Olsen

ESA Secretary