Research Committee

The Research Committee determines areas of research policies and assumes responsibility for assessing grant applications. The Chairperson must be an ESA Active Member. The number of appointed members is 8 (including the Chairperson of the Committee)  + 1 ad hoc member, but may vary with the needs of the Committee.

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Thomas Fuchs-Buder


Andreas Hoeft Scientific Committee Chairperson
Donal Buggy Member
Isabelle Decosterd Member
Anil Gupta 
Giovanna Lurati Buse Member
Alexander Zarbock Member
Claude Meistelman*
Ad hoc Member (Mentorship Programme Leader)
Julia Dowell*
Project Manager
Slama Farsi*
Clinical Data Manager
Prisca Feijten* Junior Research & Clinical Trial Coordinator 
Pierre Harlet*
Junior Research & Clinical Trial Coordinator
Sylvia Daamen*
Research Manager
Juliette Ly*
Clinical Trial Assistant 
Marc Meeus*
Project Manager

* No voting rights


The ESA Research Committee proposes a comprehensive programme of activities aiming to promote excellent research in all fields of anaesthesiology throughout Europe.
For more information please visit the Research Section.

Research Groups

The Research Committee currently supports the following Research Groups:

Research Committee Policy