Education and Training Committee

The Education and Training Committee defines key focus areas of education and training to be supported by the ESA. The Committee discusses projects and areas of interest related to education and training, CME and CPD in the fields of anaesthesia, critical care medicine, emergency medicine and pain management in Europe. The Education and Training Committee also gathers the Chairpersons of the different ESA Committees involved in education and training in order to create synergies and avoid any overlaps in the activities.

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Andreas Sandner-Kiesling


Lebuffe Gilles CEEA Representative
Olegs Sabelnikovs EBA Representative
Francisco Javier Belda Nacher Examinations Representative
Valentina Almeida HVTAP Representative
Matija Majic TC Representative
Zoka Milan TEP Representative
Leila Niemi-Murola
eLearning Representative
Anny Lam*
Education Coordinator

*No voting rights

Education and training policy