Committee for European Education in Anaesthesiology (CEEA)

The CEEA organises courses in Anaesthesiology.

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The Committee shall consist of a Chairperson, eight additional members, chosen among the CEEA Regional Centre Directors, taking into account geographical representation and a liaison officer appointed by the WFSA Executive Committee from existing WFSA Education Committee members. Furthermore the Chairpersons of the the Examinations Committee and the Education & Training Platform are also full members of the CEEA.



 Gilles Lebuffe




Andrey Varvinskiy

Examinations Committee Chairperson

Bazil Ateleanu

WFSA Liaison

Andreas Sandner-Kiesling

Education Committee Chairperson

Neslihan Alkis

Member (CEEA Director)

Adrian Belîi

Member (CEEA Director)

Oleg Tarabrin

Member (CEEA Director)

Philippe Scherpereel*

CEEA Consultant

Anne Wiebke Ohlrogge*

Education Coordinator (CEEA)


*No voting rights

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CEEA Six Courses Programme