ESA Membership

Membership type

With an ESA Membership you will have access to all our benefits in the field of Education, Leadership, ESA Events and much more. Have a look here at all the exclusive benefits of being an ESA Member. 

Different rates apply to different types of membership – please check which category you fall under before submitting your membership application.

Membership Categories

1. Active Member

  • A physician who has completed an accredited anaesthesia training programme, who is certified in anaesthesiology, who is licensed to practice medicine, and who resides in a European country (as defined by the World Health Organisation).
  • The reduced fee for Active Member is only applicable for a physician who has completed an accredited anaesthesia training programme, who is certified in Anaesthesiology, who is licensed to practise medicine, and who resides in a reduced fee country.

2. Affiliate Member

  • A certified physician not working in the clinical practice of anaesthesiology.
  • A scientist who, while not engaged in administering clinical anaesthesia, is nevertheless interested in anaesthesiology.
  • A certified anaesthesiologist, or a certified physician, or a scientist, who resides outside a European country (as defined by the World Health Organisation).

3. Trainee Member

  • A physician in training, employed in an anaesthesiology department and whose training programme is accredited by a national governmental body or by the National Board of Anaesthesiology. Trainee membership is limited to a maximum of six years.
  • Applicants for trainee membership must attach a letter endorsed by the Director of the training programme stating the programme termination date, otherwise the rate for affiliate member will be applied - to download the Trainee Letter Template, please click here.

4. Allied Member 

Medical students, Non Physician Registered Health Professionals (NPRHP) and Retired Doctors are regrouped under the category " Allied Member ". 

- Medical Student

  • Any Medical Student not yet registered as a physician with the licensing authorities in the country they are in training.

- Non Physician Registered Health Professional (NPRHP)

  • Any registered non-physician health professional accredited by a European national government body working in anaesthesiology-related areas. This can include nurses, bio technicians, therapists, laboratory technicians and audiologists.

- Retired Doctor

  • An individual who would have qualified as an Active and/or Affiliate Member, but who has retired from employment or self-employment for reasons of age, ill health or disability.

5. Honorary Member

  • A physician, scientist, or professional who has attained outstanding eminence in anaesthesiology or related fields, and who has served with distinction this Society or organisations which joined the society.

Are you a member of a European National Society of Anaesthesiologists which is an ESA Society Member?

You can become an ESA Associate Member through your National Society free of charge.

All declared individual members of an ESA National Society Member can become an ESA Associate Member at no additional cost other than their National Society Membership Fee.

Check with your National Society on how you can take advantage of the ESA Associate Membership.

ESA Associate Membership runs from 1 January - 31 December for a two-year period.